Zirkcreek Can You Read My Mind CW-OB1 CGN TT HIC

OFA CHIC #149550 All Passing   (click on the OFA# to see his page)


We travelled down to Calgary today to attend the CADF Temperament Test. Very pleased to report that Gordon passed his test!!! He can now add the TT to his registered name - Zirkcreek Can You Read My Mind CW-Ob1 CGN TT HIC. Good boy Baby G!

Thank you very much to the Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers for holding the event, Chief Tester, Gwen Haynes, and all the volunteers for a great afternoon!

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From Tracey:  Gordon and I just got home from the C-WAGS obedience trial in Calgary. What a fun weekend! This was the first of what I hope will be many adventures together!

We did seven runs over the last two days (4 in Level 1 and 3 in Level 2) and ended the weekend with 4 Qualifying Runs in Level 1 and a brand new title, with two third places and two firsts ("A" stream) -- Gordon's first title in a working venue. I couldn't be prouder of what a gentleman he was all weekend.

Tracey writes: We played in Obedience on the weekend and switched back to Scent Detection tonight. Gordon had a great class and passed his Designated Odor Test (D.O.T.) for Pine (advanced level odor) with a very solid search. So proud of our young man 

Gordon and Tracey are having fun together. Gordon is learning a new game and he looks like he's a natural!!


Gordon and his Dad are also

learning a new game together. This was their first time trying out conformation.

Don't they look fantastic together?