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Baby Dragons are  getting to work in 2019

Maia is 10 months old today and celebrated by earning a lovely title ribbon for C-WAGS Level 1 Scent Patrol and scoring a few new letters for her name. Congrats Barb and Maia, we are all so incredibly proud of you both!


Maia is Zirkcreek Can See Clearly Now CW-SP

Scarlett and Gayle have started their obedience journey together. Looks like Scarlett is giving Gayle her full attention! Scarlett is formerly known as Butterfly


Zirkcreek Crazy For Loving U


Maia and Barb are the first of the babies to earn legs toward a performance title. So exciting!!! Maia earned her first two performance ribbons in C-WAGS Scent Detection!


Well done little Sunflower

Zirkcreek Can See Clearly Now


Gordon and Tracey are having fun together. Gordon is learning a new game and he looks like he's a natural!! Gordon is

Zirkcreek Can You Read My Mind


Gordon and his Dad are also
learning a new game together. This was their first time trying out conformation.
Don't they look fantastic together? 


Aleesha is working on learning to be a show girl. She is doing well, and we are having a lot of fun together.

Aleesha is

Zirkcreek C-Krit Heart

Jack is working on his obedience foundation. He's a blast and we are having such fun together!!  Jack is

Zirkcreek Chasing Pirates

Sari is working on her obedience foundation too. She is a ton of fun and loves to work! Sari is

Zirkcreek CuWeet Dreams

Lola and her daddy Rod are also doing well with their tracking training! Rod is an awesome tracking trainer, so we expect Lola to go far with her tracking (among the other fun things she and her mom Cory are playing in too!)

Zirkcreek Copacabana

Lola and Cory doing their thing

Lola is also learning how to be a show girl! Cory is learning to show Lolar herself, as Lola is her first show prospect, and I just couldn't be more proud of the two of them!!

Draco and Janel are starting to play in the show ring....they are going to have fun together. 
Draco is  Zirkcreek Ckyfall My Dragnhart


Draco and his mom Janel have also started learning to track! He is also a natural!

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